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When choosing between wholesale silver rings and gold rings, many people get confused because white gold and sterling silver look similar. But there are many differences between these two metals. We will highlight these differences so that you would be able to choose between wholesale silver rings and gold rings. These metals are valued for making jewelry, especially engagement rings. However, the choice completely depends on your preferences and budget. Following are some of the information you need to know before buying wholesale silver rings or gold rings.


Difference wholesale silver rings and gold rings

What is Gold and White Gold?

Yellow gold is a metal that is extracted from the earth’s crust, and it is mixed with others to mold it into wearable jewelry pieces. Whereas white gold doesn’t exist naturally, it is made by mixing yellow gold with other materials, making it look like platinum. We use karats to find out the purity of gold. Yellow gold goes up to 24 karats, and white gold goes up to 21 karats.

White gold is typically coated with Rhodium to give it a perfect shine for making jewelry. As white gold has nickel in it as an impurity, therefore it is not hypoallergenic. It can cause allergies to your skin. To avoid this problem, jewelry made from white gold is plated with Rhodium, which acts as a hypoallergenic buffer between your skin and jewelry. However, the rhodium plating wears off, so that you need to get it polished periodically from an authentic jeweler.

wholesale silver rings

What is silver?

Just like gold, silver is also a metal that is extracted from the earth’s crust. It is a soft metal, and it is combined with other impurities to mold it into wearable jewelry pieces. Silver is combined with copper to give it strength. If you are shopping for wholesale silver rings, you should always check the “925 sterling silver” stamp. This stamp is a mark of pure and authentic silver. Just like white gold, silver also contains nickel, which can cause allergies to the skin. Silver jewelry gets tarnish easily, but it is very easy to remove this tarnish as you can do it at home.


Which is better – Wholesale silver rings or gold rings?

Here we are comparing wholesale silver rings and gold rings. To compare these two metals, we need to look at every factor. In this way, we can understand how they perform against each other.

  • Cost: Gold jewelry is more expensive than any silver jewelry. White gold or yellow gold rings are 10 times more expensive than silver rings. Most of the budget-conscious couples look for silver rings as they are cheaper than gold rings. If you are looking for budget-friendly rings, then you must go for wholesale silver rings. 925 rings wholesale However, you can consider other factors like gemstones and diamonds that will raise the value of your wholesale silver rings. 
  • Durability: Wholesale silver rings are less durable than gold rings. Most people choose white gold because of its durability. If you are looking for good metal to wear daily, you should go for white gold or yellow gold. White gold can resist scratches, and the shape of the ring will also remain unchanged.
  • Maintenance: As we have mentioned above, white gold needs to be polished periodically, and it requires professionals to polish it. However, we can say that Gold rings are low maintenance as they don’t get tarnish easily and maintain their luster for a long time. Whereas silver rings do not need proper polishing. Silver gets tarnish easily when it is exposed to moisture or air. With proper care and maintenance, you can easily restore your wholesale silver rings to their original structure and state.  
  • Shine: Gold rings retain their shine for a long time as compared to silver rings. Customers want a jewelry piece that shines brightly. To give a lustrous silver shine to the gold ring, rhodium plating is done over it, which hides all the yellow roots. Whereas, for silver, rhodium plating is done to prevent it from tarnishing.


wholesale silver rings

Pros and cons of wholesale silver rings: 


  • Silver rings are highly affordable.
  • Offers custom designs and high-end styles.
  • Looks beautiful and has a unique luster.
  • It suits every look and outfit.


  • Most of the silver rings are not hypoallergenic and can cause allergies.
  • It is harder to maintain wholesale silver rings.
  • Silver rings are softer and can deform easily.
  • Every silver ring needs to be cleaned regularly. 


wholesale silver rings

Pros and cons of gold rings: 


  • Gold rings are durable and perfect for daily wear.
  • Rhodium plating over gold can add more durability and shine to it.
  • Gold is valuable and maintains its value over time.
  • Offers custom designs and high-end styles.


  • White gold rings are not hypoallergenic and can cause allergies when it is in contact with the skin.
  • Requires re-plating over time.
  • Rhodium re-plating can be costly.
  • White gold rings are a little expensive as compared to silver rings.


Our final say – what is best for you?

Now that you have read the above article, you know exactly all the differences between wholesale silver rings and gold rings. They both may look similar, but they are two completely different metals. Moreover, we have also mentioned all of the pros and cons of both the metals so that you will be able to choose your ring wisely. The wholesale silver rings are more affordable, but it is less durable. Whereas gold rings are expensive, but they are more strong and durable as compared to silver rings. Now the decision is yours.

You should consider your need and your pocket while buying your ring. If you are looking for a pocket-friendly, then wholesale silver rings might be an excellent option for you. However, if you want a valuable ring that retains its charm and value over time, you must go for white gold rings.