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In some countries, parents get their daughter’s ear to pierce at a very young age. They feel like it’s a girl thing to do. And they look very pretty wearing a sterling silvers 925 earring. But after a girl is all grown up, trends change day by day. There are so many types of piercing in the market and the interesting thing is that all of them are in fashion. Whichever you get you’ll still look top-class. Here are some things that you need to know before getting another ear pierced.


Get it professionally sterling silvers 925 done 

You should get your ears done by a professional person. Make sure he or she doesn’t use a gun to do it. Because the gun machine can’t be sterilized since it is made up of plastic and it leaves an infection making your ear sensitive. Therefore, if you want to get it and don’t want any kind of complication after it is done then you should consider this option. 


If you already have an infection and find something unsure around your sterling silver 925 earring then you must consult a doctor and get an ointment to heal it. 


Type of earring used 

You must choose your earring before getting your ear pierced. You should choose from sterling silver 925 earrings. These types of jewelry items don’t cause you any kind of allergic reaction and there is always a green signal towards this. Therefore, these kinds of earrings are considered noble earrings since they cause very little to no issues. 


sterling silver 925


Another type of earring you should strictly not choose is any nickel-based earrings. This will cause you serious allergic reactions and may be led to infection. Nickel in general found to be allergic to almost anyone. 


Avoid infections

For an instance, we consider that you did get an infection for any reason. You don’t need to worry. The only thing you need to do is to take care of them. What you need are two ingredients. One is hydrogen peroxide and Vaseline. Don’t get scared while reading the word “hydrogen peroxide”. It is a chemical that can be found at the medical store and it is not dangerous. It rather helps you prevent you from getting the infection. 


First, you need to clean your sterling silver 925 earrings with hydrogen peroxide. This is a kind of sterilizing the earring. Then insert the earring into your piercing. Before locking the earring from the back put on some Vaseline on the back of your earring. You need to repeat the Vaseline process after every two hours. If you don’t have Vaseline then you can use nail polish. wholesale jewelry But you don’t need to repeat the process. It should only be done once.   


sterling silver 925

Keep your ear clean

After getting your ear to pierce there is a higher chance that you get an infection. If not at the time of piercing then it can happen after 2 or 3 days. This usually happens when you don’t take care of the hygiene of the newly pierced ear. 


Either your dirty fingers touch the sterling silver 925 earrings and get infected. This will cause redness, very bad pain, and even lead to puss. What you need to do is to keep your ear clean. Disinfect the infection after a few periods. It will be cured in a few days. Give it some time. But if it doesn’t get cured within a few then you might need to get it checked by the doctor. He might prescribe you some antibiotics for the infection to heal quickly.


Earrings for sensitive ears

If you have hypoallergic skin and your ears are sensitive then you must consider some good earrings. You have always been going to the hypoallergenic section of earrings. But you should know that not every earring labeled as hypoallergenic is true. They just have the surface covered with sterling silver 925


If you do enjoy wearing jewelry and your ears are sensitive. Then you must invest in some good quality sterling silver 925 earrings. They are generally in nature hypoallergenic. Before buying earrings, you should care about what are they made of rather than just reading the labels.


Choose the correct earring type

No matter what type of sterling silver 925 earrings you choose for your ears it will suit you. But you can always mix and match the colors of the stone attached to it to make them look pretty. You must choose a stud at an initial stage of the piercing since it will help with the infection. 


An earring must be chosen according to your personality and must go with your skin tone. Although it doesn’t matter what you choose for yourself because you know the best what matches you. All that matters is how it will look at a first glance when you get it done. Because people will see the stud place at the ear pierce and not the actual piercing. So, you should select wisely. 


Final thoughts

Many of you who aren’t comfortable getting more than one piercing may think that beauty is pain. But this is not true. You just need to get it done from the right place and avoid some things that are mentioned above. 925 rings wholesale Some of you might be scared of the thought that a needle will be used for the ear to be pierced. You don’t need to be scared if you get it done by a professional. They are experienced and do their work painlessly. Besides this, one of the important thing is to choose your sterling silver 925 earrings which will be placed on your earring sensibly so your ears can heal soon.