Onyx jewelry

Onyx Stone is the vibrant color gemstone with powerful meaning & healing properties.  Many high jewelry brands integrate onyx stone in their luxury jewelry designs. From Chanel, Onyx has choose to corporate onyx in their Serpenti gold diamond collection.  This is just to name a jew.


Reasons to Start Buying Onyx Stone Jewelry 

  1. The onyx stone make a big statement on the wearer. It can be cut in varieties of shape and set in different style of jewelry. The creative designer can use its magic spell to make this onyx stone turn into modern or vintage and feminine or masculine design.been used in the Chanel’s camelia iconic flower ring or its watch’s onyx dial.  Bulgari house 
  2. Its versatility make it great for everyday jewelry. It suits all color of outfit and goes well with every kinds of metal from silver to gold.  
  3. The onyx is a sophisticated, elegant, and yet masculine stone.  It is a popular stone option not for just men’s jewelry but also women’s jewelry.  


Onyx Stone Meaning & Healing Benefits



The onyx is a sophisticated, elegant, and yet masculine stone. The Onyx ring became very popular due to the range of benefits that the mineral offers.  The main three healing properties are • PROTECTION • RELEASE • CALM


Onyx jewelry

The Onyx also has supposed mystical properties attached to it. The onyx is

 supposed to absorb all light waves and negative energy. Essentially, the onyx is supposed to offer the wearer protection. Also, a black onyx 925 rings wholesale can prompt you to stop some of your bad habits. The gemstones are also supposed to aid all major functions of the body such as the nervous and cardiovascular policy.


Onyx is also supposed to increase regeneration, intuition, and happiness. The mineral is also supposed to increase sexual desire within a person.

Onyx jewelry 


Onyx jewelry

Historically, Onyx has also been linked to being able to overcome conflicting emotions. Some people also assume that Onyx helps you recover from a past relationship. Many people also believe that this mineral can help guards you against negativity.


Black Onyx is linked to increased stamina, a controlled temper, and a stronger heart, nails, eyes, hair, etc.


When it’s time to making an Onyx jewelry, please follow wholesale ring our ultimate guide when buying a perfect onyx ring or jewelry. We have useful tips on how to check for genuine onyx stone and how to check for its best quality and how to care for this vibrant gemstones.