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A gentleman guide to perfect wedding gold plated jewelry ceremony outfit

gold plated jewelry

We can say, without fear of being wrong, gold plated jewelry that with the arrival of spring, the festival of baptisms, weddings, and communions of the year also begins. Thus, if you have not yet had the opportunity to bring out your best tie, the chances are that you might already be preparing to attend […]


Onyx jewelry

Onyx Stone is the vibrant color gemstone with powerful meaning & healing properties.  Many high jewelry brands integrate onyx stone in their luxury jewelry designs. From Chanel, Onyx has choose to corporate onyx in their Serpenti gold diamond collection.  This is just to name a jew.   Reasons to Start Buying Onyx Stone Jewelry  The […]

6 Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry

Silver Jewelry

Here are the 6 Surprising Health Benefits of Wearing Silver Jewelry which backed by science. For a long time in history, humans have used gemstones and minerals to seek healing from the precious stones. The strong belief systems of the eastern cultures blend with the western traditions about gems and metals surprisingly. The royals of […]

3 Victorian Style Antique Marcasite Rings You Should Be Buying This Season

Marcasite Rings

Victorian style antique marcasite rings are one of the finest items that you can keep in your jewelry collection. The unique designs make it look so elegant that one can perfectly match it up with any outfit. If you are in search of these beautiful rings, then you’ve come to the right place as we’re […]

Which Design Of 925 Sterling Silver Rings Is Best For Me?

Sterling Silver Ring

Finding the perfect 925 sterling silver ring that best fits you is difficult. That’s’ why we have assembled some 925 sterling silver rings that would fit you and your personality. These ring designs match up perfectly for everyone. They are classy, unique, modern, and perfect. The beautiful 925 sterling silver ring   Name Ring Make […]

Which Gemstone Will Make Your 925 Sterling Silver Engagement Ring Perfect?

925 Sterling Silver

925 Sterling Silver with gemstone   Finding a gemstone for your 925 Sterling Silver, and the increase in options have left you baffled in making one decision. You have to make one decision and a perfect decision. You do not have to worry anymore because we got you, let us help you with this worry […]