How to Promote Your Wholesale Jewelry Business with Instagram Stories

Today, Instagram stories are bubbling with business activities. But with numerous other things to do in your wholesale jewelry business, how can you stay in the know of what these business activities are and how to create ones that attract these customers? That is where Hong Factory comes in.

To put it simply, Instagram stories are elements that you can add to your Instagram account, including videos text, or pictures). They last about 15 seconds each and in most cases, you may have to upload a series of stories in order to make up your Instagram story. These videos, text, and pictures are only available for 24 hours and are usually fairly fun and quirky, less serious than your Instagram feed where you often post images. wholesale jewelry

The idea emanated from showing your viewers the story of your daily activities, what you’re up to at certain times, and so on. However, that has since evolved and you can now display pretty much anything of your choice- a picture or video of your workspace, your inspiration, a few new gemstones or jewelry pieces, the list goes on and on. To get a feel of what stories are and how to use them, this article highlights various steps and how they can be applied in order to promote your wholesale jewelry business.

How to Promote Your Wholesale Jewelry Business with Instagram Stories

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1. Creating Stories

You can create Instagram stories for the viewership of your audience and followers using simple images as well as texts. There are various icons on the story section of the Instagram app through which you can get access to several tools that’ll help you add text to the pictures of your wholesale jewelry which you are advertising. You will also find stickers that are really useful for getting more users to find your page and have a clue as to what your business is all about. Using hashtag stickers as well as the location sticker will help your business show up in the search results while.

Your Instagram story also has a feature that allows you to ask questions to your audience and get interactions from them. With this feature, it is easier to get customer feedback concerning your wholesale jewelry business as well as areas in your business you may have to improve on. The paintbrush on Instagram stories is also a lovely tool that adds a handmade type of feel and personal touch to your stories. wholesale jewelry

2. Story Highlights

This feature is also known as ‘Instagram Highlights’. It is visible to people who click on your page to view your business profile. It is just below your bio and easier to access than your main Instagram story. Story highlights are collections of videos, pictures, and posts that you have uploaded to your Instagram stories in the past. These collections are referred to as ‘albums’ and are often various categories of topics. wholesale jewelry

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Instagram Highlights, unlike Instagram Stories that vanish after 24 hours, stay on your profile permanently, allowing you to add and delete posts at your own time. These albums are located right above your regular feed. To add highlights about your wholesale jewelry business, tap on the stories you’d like to add to your highlight, choose a cover photo for your highlight, and tap on ‘Done’ or ‘Add’, you’re good to go!

3. Highlight Testimonials from Customers

We are all aware of how important it is to get and share customer reviews, ensure to share reviews about your wholesale jewelry with your followers and customers. You can do this by simply creating a highlight mainly for reposting screenshots or testimonials of your customer’s feedback as well as experience wearing your jewelry pieces. Highlighting these on your Instagram account is an excellent way to share the experiences of satisfied customers. Customer testimonials are of great value in order to highlight the benefits of doing business with your jewelry brand.

Testimonials from customers are also an excellent opportunity to use the ‘See More’ button which makes it possible for your followers to swipe up and shop the jewelry pieces your customers were talking positively about. Just ensure to ask your customers if they are open to featuring on your jewelry business’s Instagram profile, but do this only after you have built enough trust to make that move.

4. Go Live

Live Videos have a huge role to play in promoting your wholesale jewelry business on Instagram. Live stories provide so much value to your customers and followers. Two ways to go about going live are by asking customers to submit their questions regarding your brand just before it’s time for life and answering them during the live video. Or you can simply go live with a friend or business partner and choose one viewer at a time to join the live stream broadcast in order to ask questions about your wholesale jewelry business.

The difference between the two ideas stated above is that you can host your live video with an industry expert or influencer in order to get to your target audience. You can also carry out the interview on your own, or again, you can get your followers to submit questions before the time scheduled for the live video. You can even answer questions from your audience as people type them while the broadcast is ongoing. This is possible because comments and questions are visible on the screen, to everyone, during a live broadcast.


As we know, social media evolves by the hour, and Instagram along with its many features is evolving with it. We hope that this post has given you a few ideas on how to use Instagram Stories to promote your wholesale jewelry business and to add a new dimension as to how your jewelry business interacts with customers and followers on Instagram. If you are searching for ways through which you can grow your wholesale jewelry business online, experimenting with the special Instagram Story Highlight feature on Instagram is the best way to go about it.

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